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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holliday alumni center, The Citadel

8th Annual Professional Activities Event (PAE)

  1. Career fair for 80-100 seniors in electrical and civil engineering

  2. Career development forum for 300+ underclass students to gain knowledge of engineering career opportunities through interaction with practicing professionals

  3. Graduate school forum for graduating seniors to explore academic and research opportunities with university engineering programs

Benefits to Companies, Organizations, and Profession

  1. 1.Outreach to companies, government agencies, and graduate schools interested in recruiting The Citadel’s 400+ students in electrical and civil engineering

  2. 2.Opportunity for students to meet potential employers, develop professional networking skills, and learn about summer internships or full-time positions following graduation

  3. 3.Encourages students, especially graduating seniors, to be “career-minded” early in their engineering careers

  4. 4.Proceeds from the event support Citadel IEEE & ASCE chapters and fund student activities

  5. 5.Opportunity for student leadership and student organizations to plan, coordinate, and host a highly-visible professional event

  6. 6.Provides a meaningful way for students to “give back” to Citadel School of Engineering (CSOE) and their academic departments

  7. 7.Opportunity to foster student stewardship of funds raised from the PAE to benefit The Citadel, as a portion of the proceeds are donated to CSOE

  8. 8.Creates “win-win” event for students, the engineering profession, and all involved!